Keep tracking your staff performance by recording customer feedbacks and votes

  • Send feedback requests directly to Customer app and you can be able to share them on the salon Facebook page in order to attract new customers.
  • Record votes for specific staffs, keep their performances on the right track.


You can instantly send daily deals, promotion, information about new services and announcements to Customer app. It is effective and convenient.

Take advantage of our email marketing tools to send emails to specific customer or customer groups such as highest spend, gold/silver/bronze membership with selected contents. Automatically wish them happy birthday with professional template of your choice.

Customer Tracking

The system has been designed to help you keep track of detailed information about your customers in order your staffs satisfy them.

Customer Information

View all details about your customers at your fingertips. You can view contact details, previous services, notes, feedback and much more.


Make notes about your customers, it can be anything as simple as colour numbers or preferences.


Simple and clear reports cleverly demonstrate your salon performances in specific period of your choice.

Unique App for your Salon

The powerful App with useful features. We have built this App based on knowledge from experienced salon managers, no non-sense features and the App will probably help your salon operate more effectively.

  • Manage your salon from anywhere
  • Quick Registration for your customers
  • Manage appointments through the app
  • Keep tracking your salon performance
  • Manage your customer feedbacks
  • Create and record digital receipts
  • Reward your customers with loyalty points

Convenience App for your customers

The Customer App let your customer freely control their time and provide their opinion about salon quality

  • Make appointments through the app 24/7
  • Conveniently send request to the salon
  • Easily track previous services
  • Receive offers and deals directly from the salon
  • Remind appointment time that help customers never miss their booking
  • Request customers to give feedback


Staff App

Staff App is a supported tool that increase overall speed of the entire system We totally understand that your salon is really busy in peak seasons such as Easter or Christmas, therefore we have developed the Staff App for your colleagues who can create receipts right after serving their clients.

Check-in App

A convenient app that can help salon managers save a lot of time.

  • Self-registration through the app
  • Self-check in with clever log-in by QR code
  • Your clients can also find available slots through the app